Self-taught in the photography world, I train myself to the most talented photographers (Michael Anthony, Two Mann Studios, Neil Redfern, Tom Halliday, Kelly Brown, Michael Stief, …) in order to offer you the best.

My little story begin after my wedding in China. The photography delivered by our wedding photographer (Atsong) create an emotional trigger deep in me, and guide me to my new futur : it’s this that I want to do, making the people happy throught theirs moments and emotions.

After buying my first reflex camera, I begin to train myself to the most great photographers, for never stop to grow my photography quality. The results arrive, and I can display my work then enter in photography competition (WPPI, 2 times displayed in the Paris photo exhibition).
But my truth is somewhere else : emotion and human beings.
Some times later, through the confidence of some people, I organize my first photography shooting, and the customer’s feedback is more than satisfactory. One thing leading to another, I have the possibility to express myself more and more, and my photography direction take shape.
Today I devote myself to the wedding photography, newborn and pregnancy photography, areas where which make me totally happy.

My most beautiful reward is to make you happy through my creativity : engrave the present moment, for never forget in the futur.

Look forward to photograph you.